Rooms & Suites

55 tastefully decorated rooms and suites (all non-smoking) in a stylish mixture of classic and modern designs, create a special joie de vivre.

High value is placed on quality, authenticity and comfort and this is evident in all rooms: oiled wooden floors, (some of which are part of the original flooring, dating back over 100 years), custom-made furniture, leather headboards from natural, untreated cowhide, linen curtains, Rauriser marble in the bathrooms, superior quality mattresses, cosy eiderdowns and fine damask bedding all guarantee a perfect night's sleep. These are complimented by classy, classic designs - Mark Wiesinger's passion!

We believe it is important to source locally and use high-end, where possible, naturally treated materials in our rooms. You can find more information about our suppliers here.

Subtle details like Tivoli music systems with CDs, a selection of books and coffee and tea bars in the majority of rooms contribute to our guests' sense of well being.

All Villa-rooms come equipped with air-conditioning. The hotel rooms are shaded efficiently by their wooded shutters and have a ventilator. For a guaranteed reservation of a hotel garden room (surcharge €2 ) or a Villa air-conditioned room (surcharge €10 ), we request that you book with us directly.