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Cooperation partners

Schlosshotels & Herrenhäuser

Since autumn 2008, the Hotel Auersperg has been a member of the Schlosshotels & Herrenhäuser.


The “Schlosshotels and Herrenhäuser” group (castle hotels and mansions group) are a cooperation of 57 independent hotels and restaurants in Austria, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Croatia and the Slovakia.


Each estate is characterized by the history of its region and is therefore unmistakeable and unique.


Every S&H operation is a meeting place for guests and friends who wish to encounter authenticity, tradition and real hospitality in a stylish ambience and historical environment.




Allowing the guests to take part in the history of the hotels and the culture of corresponding countries is a main priority of the organisation.


In a time when the hotel business is dominated by worldwide uniformity, the S&H operation want to offer a beneficial alternative for those guests who appreciate individuality and a more personal service.




Private Hotels Salzburg

Private Hotels Salzburg unifies a group of hotels which distinguish themselves by their high level of individuality and standards and their excellent location in the centre of the city. Holiday oases for everyone who,

  • values characters
  • appreciates first-class service
  • loves the cosiness of smaller hotels
  • wishes to be close to where it is happening
  • is looking for a delightfully hospitable atmosphere
  • wishes to be pampered most courteously


Lifestyle Hotels

We have a further cooperation with the marketing organisation LIFESTYLEHOTELS. The motto of this enterprise is:

“LIFESTYLEHOTELS also shine beneath the surface. With their authentic design and the avoidance of stereotypes, they are a source of inspiration, a haven and a second home to a new generation of travellers”.