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Heinrich Nowak bought the Hotel at the turn of the century - then still a private villa - and gave the business over to his wife Maria Nowak in 1947, who then completely redesigned the building in 1948/49 and opened a guesthouse in 1959.



Over the years, the hotel has been successively renovated and extended. Daughter Erika and her husband Kurt Raschhofer took over the Hotel Auersperg in 1977.



Since 1996, Bettina Wiesinger has run the Hotel Auersperg for the 3rd generation. She is especially responsible for the modern look of the city hotel and garden. She endeavours in particular to preserve the individuality of the hotel.

The Hotel Auersperg is located in the time-honoured Salzburg district of Schallmoos which was already cultivated under the patronage of the Archbishop Paris Lodron at the beginning of the 17th century.


In the 18th century, a number of villas and country seats were acquired by the final drying out of the fens. After the dismantling of the fortress walls between the gates Mirabelltor and Linzertor in the year 1866, there was nothing left to stand in the way of city expansion. A decisive contribution to the erection of Schallmoos was made by the building firm of the Ceconi family from the Friuli region.


The company founder Valentin Ceconi erected around 1870 in Auerspergstra├če a villa for Count Thun, which he then acquired for his family. The Hotel Auersperg opposite was also erected in its original neorennaissance state by Ceconi.