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With your stay alone you are doing something worthwhile for this project! If however you wish to support this project even more actively we would be delighted if you would double this sum! The reception staff are happy to book the sum onto your invoice and thus speed up the collection:


Our yearly contribution target:

€ 14,000.00


If every second guest were to double their 0,50 € we would reach the following sum:

€ 20,000.00


Many thanks!

Your Auersperg team


In Salzburg there are also enough people who do not have a roof over their heads and are forced to live in inhumane conditions.


We see ourselves as a successful company and – as a hotel – obliged to donate a small part of our success to the homeless and those fellow humans in need.


Together with the CARITAS Salzburg, the emergency accommodation and accommodation integration centre, we attempt with our financial and also personal contribution (help in acquiring and furnishing of accommodation, deposits and monthly rent) to bring hope and light into the lives of excluded fellow human beings.  

Our contribution is € 0,50 of the room price which we pass on directly to the accommodation integration centre.