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Familien im Auersperg


Use our children guide (available atreception) There are exciting playgrounds and fascinating activities for yourchildren!



Take toys from the box in theconservatory or watch a movie with your child (available at reception)


... do not forget to relax a bit yourself: Visit our sauna area, read a book and enjoy doing nothing at all!



Use our baby phonewith automated call diversion to your mobile phone. This way you can enjoy adrink at our bar or at the brewery


Use our bikes forchildren of any age (children seats and trolley for toddlers are alsoavailable). Salzburg is great for exploring via bike! The reception team canorganize trips (we can also prepare picnic baskets for a picnic inHellbrunn...)


Enjoy a trip with theLandrover-Defender (EUR 35.00/day) - children seats are available - to the lakedistrict or to the Gaisberg

... so we know that traveling with children can be a great thing. We also know that it can be demanding at times. This is why we want to contribute making it a relaxed and fun event for your family.


Some tips from us:

Send your list of things you need from the baby and children service well in advance, so we know what to makeavailable for you.


High chairs, buggy and bikes areavailable for you


Book your babysitter in advance for yournight out