DNA Hotels

DNA Hotels is an online guide to unique, original hotels around the world. Selected accommodations and houses in different styles and designes can be found on this website and meet every taste.



An association of private hotels that have a clearly recognizable business concept. The ideas and the lifestyle of the entrepreneurs are noticeably and consistently recognizable in operation.


Lifestyle Hotels

"The term lifestyle has become hackneyed as a result of overuse in the past. But we have always understood it as a style of living that defines itself through innovation, aesthetics, quality and a sense of responsibility for others and the environment. Our hotels are selected according to these criteria and precisely reflect our concept of lifestyle"

Find the web's most stylish design and boutique hotels - individual & stylish!


Private City Hotels

Individuality and family atmosphere combined with the highest quality standards are the strengths of each member company and simultaneously the common USP of the hotel cooperation "Private City Hotels".


Castle Hotels & Mansions

Castle Hotels & Mansions is a select familiy of romantic castles, historic hotels, luxurious manors, villas, country homes and restaurants in central, eastern and southern Europe, with members in Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Germany. The story of this unique association of European heritage and history starts in the mid sixties of the past century and takes place during the world famous Salzburg Festival...