Familie Wiesinger photo

Bettina Mark

Family Wiesinger

Bettina + Mark Wiesinger. Bettina took over her grandmother's hotel from her parents in 1996 and was also responsible for the construction of Haus Hirt in Badgstein.

Mark works independently in building construction and design and thus compliments Bettina perfectly: with the support of their fantastic team, the Auersperg is simply a joy to behold!

Evelyn Ikrath-photo

Evelyn Ike

Evelyn Ikrath

Our sister hotels in Badgastein

Evelyn Ikrath, Bettina's sister, together with her husband Ike, an architect, run two very unusual establishments in the wonderful Gastein mountains.

Hotel & Spa Haus Hirt - www.haus-hirt.com
Hotel Miramonte - www.hotelmiramonte.com

Heiner Raschhofer Photo

heiner r

Heiner Raschhofer

Brother's local pub

Heiner Raschhofer, Bettina's brother, runs the ROSSBRÄUS, thus continuing the family brewing tradition, which began with their grandfather's brewery, BRAUEREI RASCHHOFER, in Altheim. An additional project, close to his heart is MY INDIGO, which in the meantime has become known both at home and abroad as the place to visit for simple, healthy food.

Raschhofer’s Rossbräu - www.raschhoferbier.at
My Indigo - www.myindigo.com

Sabine Raschhofer

Bettina's Sister - Sabine Raschhofer is a Community Manager based in Sydney, Australia. She travels extensively and is the author of the book "Screw the Rules" in which she writes about her life and experiences.