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Heinrich Nowak bought the hotel at the turn of the century. At that time it was still being used as a private villa and he handed over the running of the business to his wife Maria Nowak in 1947, who carefully converted the building in 1948/49 and opened it as a guesthouse in 1959.

Daughter Erika and her husband Kurt Raschhofer, initially turned the Hotel & Spa Haus Hirt in Badgastein into a family home for themselves and their 4 children before taking over Hotel Auersperg in 1977. Kurt Raschofer's many years of experience working in international hotels and his passion for architecture were pivotal when it came to undertaking the vast amount of renovation and extension work in both properties. Together with his wife, Erika he constantly re-developed Auersperg, until it was transformed into a charming city hotel in a relatively short space of time.


Since 1996, Bettina Wiesinger, together with her husband Mark, have run the Hotel Auersperg, thus taking it into its 3rd generation. They are seen as being particularly responsible for the city hotel's now modern-looking appearance and its garden. Their main intention is to retain the hotel's uniqueness!

Family Wiesinger & Co

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