Working for the Common Good

THE COMMON ENVIRONMENT - is a profound answer to the many-sided crisis of the present: financial bubbles, unemployment, poverty, climate change, migration, globalization, democratization, loss of value and meaning.

Christian Felber's "common good economy" ( relies - like a market economy - on private enterprise and individual initiative, but companies do not compete with each other for financial gain, but they cooperate with the goal of the greatest common good - a fundamental new approach.

At the Hotel Auersperg, we are always trying to act in the interests of the common good and to make decisions accordingly.

We are very pleased to publish our FOLDER FOR THE COMMON-GOOD-REPORT!
This is a beginning and the start of a never-ending process of doing business in a way that serves the common good!

We are convinced that a way of doing business is possible and we are very happy to see the human being at the center of our actions.

An article about the common good economy in the Auersperg and how it is lived everyday, you can read HERE.