Vegan // lactose free // gluten free

In addition to our exclusively organic and mostly regional delicacies at the breakfast buffet, you will also find a selection of vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free products that invite you to enjoy!

VEGAN: Substitutes for diary products, fresh fruits and vegetables, spreads and more

LACTOSE FREE: Lactose free dairy products, spreads and more

GLUTEN FREE: Different breads and more

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Bio joghurt

Our organic suppliers

We celebrate local seasonal produce and we only use the freshest and highest quality
ingredients; if possible organic and fair trade.
Therefore we source our products from suppliers and producers we trust!

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Top Suppliers & Craftsmen

But not only for food we rely on the highest quality!
Our top suppliers of linen, cosmetics and the equipment of our hotel, as well as the craftsmen of our trust can be found here.

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Bio Austria

We hold organic certification!

Since 1st July 2012, we have been certified to display the BIO AUSTRIA trademark. We have also become a member of BIOPARADIES Österreich (Organic Paradise Austria).
Almost all of the produce and ingredients on our breakfast buffet are organically sourced and for the most part, produced locally.
Much of our produce is made or prepared in-house: cakes, juices, spreads, warm Aurvedic muesli, compotes and the ghee used for cooking and baking.

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The BioParadies SalzburgerLand awaits you with power spots for your holiday. Recharge your batteries, discover the little wonders of nature and have great holidays in all conscience ! The basis for a membership in the association BioParadies Salzburger Land is the use of organic products. The compliance with the organic guidelines and the fulfillment of the pictogram requirements are checked by the respective organic inspection body on behalf of Bio-Austria!