Salinen Austria

Austrian natural salt from Altaussee

Natural salt, also called "Ausseer Bergkern", is mined in the salt mine Altaussee still according to traditional miner's way. The former sea salt was trapped deep in the interior of the mountain 150 million years ago during the formation of the Alps. To this day, enriched with many minerals, Salzschatz is well protected against all environmental influences in the heart of the Sazkammergut. The Altausseer Bergkern is obtained by miners only from the best natural salt deposits, where the salt is purest.

The Ausseer natural salt is characterized by its special high quality.

Saline Austria

Family Eisl

Regional origin of the animals

In the midst of the very scenic Wolfgangsee peninsula of Abersee, the Eisl family manages a farm with more than a hundred dairy herds.

For many generations, it has been dedicated to the climatically preferred, charming landscape of the Salzkammergut of agriculture and forestry.

How close tradition and innovation are together was demonstrated by the 18-year-old Josef Eisl Jr. when he started in 1982 to convert the conventionally run dairy farm to a sheep's milk farm.

Seegut Eisl

Organic Bakery Pföss

Salzburg bakery with tradition

Hearty bread made from local grains, carefully baked according to ancient traditions. The original power and wholeness is reflected by the whole grain.

From small grain to dried spice leaves: Everything is natural and unadulterated and if possible come from the immediate vicinity.

Bakery Pföss


Handicraft and tradition

SONNENTOR was founded in 1988 by Johannes Gutmann, the then only 23-year-old managing director. The young entrepreneur had an extraordinary business idea: he wanted the herbal specialties of organic farmers in Lower Austria's Waldviertel, where he was born and raised, under the logo of the Laughing Sun - a medieval symbol of life and light with 24 rays, still today many farms are decorated - nationwide and internationally. He was far ahead of the current organic trend. An essential feature of his idea was from the outset the extensive processing of raw materials directly to the organic farm, in order to enable the survival of small farms and also to be able to use the experience and care of the farmers and in this way for the consumer the highest degree of responsibility and achieve transparency!

We buy jams, spices and teas from SONNENTOR!

Staud's jam (not organic)

Delicatessen jam

The history of the company goes back to the year 1883: The long-established family business Johann Staud dealt with since its foundation
mainly with fruit & vegetable wholesaling or retail trade. At the same time Hans Staud founded a fruit and vegetable refinery in 1971 at the age of 23.
With its jams, sour sauces, fruit syrups and compotes from the highest quality segment, Staud's has gained international reputation over the last four decades.

Staud's Vienna

Castle fishery Fuschl (not BIO)

Proper keeping with the highest quality

Gerhard Langmaier has run the Schlossfischerei Fuschl since 1986. The fishery belongs to the hotel business of Schloss Fuschl. "But you can describe it as an operation on the farm," says Langmaier, adding that only freshwater and local fish are available in the fishery.The main products include the well-known Fuschler trout, char, Reinanken and the Waldviertler carp Langmaier also offers fresh fish from the in-house smoker, which is made according to an old traditional method, smoked only with beech and alder wood, which guarantees a top quality as well as a unique taste!

Raschhofer beer (not BIO)

Tried and True

... small but nice - this is the motto of the private brewery Georg Raschhofer in Altheim in the Innviertel. The brewery Raschhofer is one of the oldest companies in Upper Austria. When it was founded, you do not remember exactly. In any case, the first entry dates back to 1645. Since 1777 the brewery has been owned by the Raschhofer family, since 1869 it has also been named after it.

The specialty of the brewery is the Raschhofer Zwicklbier, which we also serve in Raschhofer's Rossbräu. This naturally cloudy, wholesome beer is very much in vogue, because it fits in with today's nutritional awareness.

Brewery Raschhofer

Bakery Rösslhuber (not BIO)

The success story of the family business Rösslhuber goes back to the year 1940. Since then, the bakery has grown steadily - and is no longer thinkable without Bergheim. The recently rebuilt and expanded bakery is now run by the third generation - and still sets new accents.

Bakery Rösslhuber