Butcher Hainz

For more than 20 years of operation the butcher is motivated to avoid artificial assistance for their fields, meadows and animals and to forego more elaborate handwork.

No chemical phosphates / nitrite / flavour enhancer/ preservatives are used! Important for the company is the regional origin of the animals and the associated short transport distances.

Great attention is also given to the welfare of the animals.

Backery Pföss

Grains are natural treasures that influence our productivity, health and fitness. But only organic whole wheat with a live kernel and the very valuable outer layers can
build up the full strength of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, trace elements and proteins.

We bake and mill fresh every day at Bio Bakery Pföss in Salzburg – only this way the important vital ingredients and valuable components of the kernels will be preserved completely.

Family Eisl

Amidst the very charming peninsula of Wolfgangsee Abersee farmed, the family Eisl farms with more than a hundred milking sheer.

For many generations, the family Eisl is devoted to the favorable climate, scenic landscape of the Salzkammergut of Agriculture and Forestry.

Tradition and innovation are close together and so the 18-year-old Josef Eisl jun. began to convert the conventional dairy farm into to a sheep dairy farm in 1982.