We may not have a fitness studio but what we do have our wonderful running trails right in front of the hotel doors!

From reception you can request a print-out of accurately described running trails, given in kilometres and sorted by level of difficulty.

We love: the running track on Kapuzinerberg hill passing the Kapuziner convent and monastery, through the wonderful mixed forest through to the Franziskischlössel castle. If you are lucky, you might just meet a Kapuzinerberg chamois in the early hours!

JOGGING-ROUTE no.1 / ANDRÄVIERTEL + SALZACH (you can optionally prolong as far as you like along the river ....)

Distance: at least 2,82 km with ‚open end' along the Salzach river
Category: jogging-path with sightseeing-character
Description: Run to the marketplace „SCHRANNE" (Schrannengasse) through the MIRABELL-GARDEN till you reach the SALZACH; cross the river by using the Müllner-bridge, turn to the left direction STAATSBRÜCKE. You can cross again the Salzach either over the STAATSBRÜCKE or the MOZART-BRIDGE or one of the next bridges and run back on the other side of the river. You can take your way back to the hotel through the pedestrian-area LINZERGASSE.


Distance: 4,43 km; Altitude difference: 210 m
Category: Wonderful path up to the magic KAPUZINERBERG
Description: Run through the pedestrian-area LINZERGASSE till you reach the KAPUZINERBERGTOR, take a left up to the mountain (only the first part is steep tracking), you pass the KAPUZINER-ABBEY and the STEFAN ZWEIG memorial left, till you reach the top of the mountain. If you are lucky you can see chamois. Run back downhill by using the footpath, enjoy the view and take the stairs down to the STEINGASSE.
Run back to the HOTEL through the LINZERGASSE; just wonderful!

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